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XERA: A Seamlessly Integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange

xera review
Written by Abhikumar

The majority of blockchain-based projects whether they are based on the Ethereum platform or NEO, they just create their own tokens on top of the existing scalable blockchain. To be honest, I think they even don’t know the actual utilization of their token. I mean what is the need for a token-based system for audition smart contracts or supply chain when there are altcoins performing very well in terms of transactions per second.

When the question becomes more baffling, they just announce the use of the token as fuel to the system, profit-sharing distribution or charity. Really? :/ If a project is developing its own blockchain scaling high TPS, investors will believe the usage of tokens. However, the adoption of cryptocurrency in masses is being delayed due to many reasons. Let’s explore.

Existing Problems

The created tokens will be traded after Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on cryptocurrency exchanges. The cryptocurrency trading platforms are 24*7 marketplace which actually matches buyers and sellers with their asks and bids of preferred coins. Yes, we can say it is similar to what stock exchanges are doing for many years. However, through a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges are available regardless of their location, they lack when it comes to functionality. Look at described limitations:

  1. Security
  2. Liquidity
  3. High trading fees
  4. Price manipulation
  5. Latency issue
  6. Transactions Delay
  7. Inconvenient UI
  8. Limited trading pairs
  9. Lengthy KYC validation

Proven Solution

The XERA! Xera’s innovative cryptocurrency exchange addresses all such issues by providing an integrating solution to the cryptocurrency traders and investors. You are probably thinking about why only XERA while we have many solid cryptocurrency exchanges. With basic and advanced interfaces, Xera provided ease of trading. Here is the sneak peek of the major functions:

  1. Advanced charting features
  2. One cancels other (OCO) order feature
  3. Real-time profit loss updates
  4. competitive trading fees with native token
  5. Availability of major trading pairs
  6. Price alerts
  7. Multi-device standardization.
  8. High integrated security
  9. Quick KYC verification

What is XERA? | XERA Review & Analysis

Xera is a seamlessly integrated cryptocurrency exchange that meets your specific trading and investing needs, designed and developed by traders, for traders.

How does it work?

The core of the exchange engine is the order matching mechanism. Its function is to:
● Accept orders;
● Find matches among the orders as quickly as possible;
● Create a trade when a match is found.

Order matching works in such a way that every trade is made at the best price possible. For example, if someone offers to sell ETH at price $100, and a user places an order to buy ETH at price $120, then the engine will match the orders and make a trade at $100 if the algorithm determines that $100 is the best price for order execution. The objective is to provide high-performance order matching engine allowing users to trade instantly even during a high load period. As such, the entire exchange architecture is built upon the exchange engine and will include:

  • Implementing advanced order types;
  • Managing user balances, moving the funds from one trader to the other when a trade is made;
  • Calculating the fees, subtracting them from the trades;
  • Recording user trades, generating reports on individual trading profitability;
  • Processing deposits and withdrawals, which includes running a full node for every coin traded on the exchange;
  • Market history generation, providing the market data over time and via various timeframes;
  • Margin trading and lending (to be introduced later);
  • A high-quality front-end environment that provides an instant-response user interface.

Key Features of XERA

Xera key features

XERA Tokenization

As aforementioned, many of the projects fail in utilizing native tokens in real use cases. While in the case of Xera, it has its ERC20 token developed on Ethereum blockchain. The main aim of the token is to use them for fueling trading. Enabling XERA as trading fees, we can significantly reduce trading feeds for every trade. On top of that, the token buyback policy will generate additional value to a cryptocurrency portfolio.

xera tokenization

90 Seconds User Verification

This is the most amazing feature of XERA. Most of the exchanges including reputed ones take a great amount of time for KYC verification. On the other hand, Xera introduces its impressive “90 seconds user verification” feature which will let you verify within a matter of seconds.

Token Matrics

Token Symbol XERA
Token Protocol ERC20
Maximum Supply 95,000,000
Token for Sale 65,500,000
Soft Cap 5,320,000 USD
Hard Cap 29,260,000 USD
Token Sale Duration 5th Nov – 31st December 2018
Token Price 0.50 USD
Payments Methods BTC, ETH

You can have a glance at total supply. Being an investor, it is an important considerable factor while investing. If you are finding low cap gems, I think you’ve just found one.

Team Leaders

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh

Co-founder and CEO

Abhishek has over 18 years of industry experience leading large teams in datacenter and system management projects, along with development work in a senior capacity. He has been working as an early blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate since 2013 as an investor. Abhishek’s experience working with the world’s most recognizable and sizable companies, brands & executives have given XERA unique access to an audience that is critical in the ongoing growth of the company.

Arpit Sharma
Co-founder and Director of Technology
Arpit has over 6 years of experience in administering technical and strategic assistance focused on blockchain-based businesses and distributed ledger technology (DLT). Arpit’s core expertise includes providing and implementing infrastructure solutions for data center management, as well as coordinating and implementing technology projects.

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