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How to Fix AdSense Blank Ads Issue Permanently [100% Working]

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Written by Abhikumar

I know how it feels when your AdSense is having some unknown issues pausing your revenue entirely without showing any notification. permanently

Well, I’ve faced the same issue for a handsome amount of time. After trying out a lot of experiments, I’ve got the fix, finally! Let me present the issue briefly and what it should be at your end?

AdSense blank ads – What happened?

I have a year old site having around 50k tier1 traffic performing pretty good in terms of revenue according to the amount of traffic I’m getting. I got my AdSense approved on this site within the very first attempt.

I added AdSense ad codes when it started showing improvement in SERP. It was like normal AdSense days where we get paid based on CPC we get until this happened.

Ads were disappeared and they were showing blank spots on the website. I then confirmed it by checking on multiple devices.

Yes, I already had ads.txt file under the root directory and there wasn’t a single notification fo any warning or such.

Things I tried to fix blank ads

As some users from the community proposed a solution to index ads.txt. It was strange though. I indexed it, wait for a few days, nothing happened!

When we get some issues regarding AdSense, nothing worth the time except getting opinions/advice from experienced ones. And, that redirected me toward the AdSense community forum.

Guess what? Their “Manage Ads” board had/has nothing but threads with blank ads problems. Tried many forums for the same, but didn’t get a reliable solution.

Finally, I contacted the AdSense team explaining the situation. Got the same reply thrice saying I’m not getting quality traffic. Lol! Bots are good at responding though.

And, I lost potential revenue in the meantime.

Permanent solution for blank ads

Ezoic is an automated AI-driven platform for publishers'(like us) ads, layout, content and more. Being AdSense certified publishing partner, they have got other big advertising players you can earn more revenue from.

They will try different ad layouts to maximize your revenue where you can control the percentage of traffic you want its AI to experiment to. 

If you are not comfortable with letting them control our ad layouts, that’s fine. We are here for solving our blank ads issue, remember? Just grant them 5-10% of total traffic to test different layouts. That traffic won’t go in vain either.

I haven’t got only AdSense blank issue resolved but also increased my revenue to 25% right after I partnered with Ezoic. See attached proof below. Here’s how to apply.

How to apply on Ezoic?

If your site has 10k monthly traffic, here is my ultimate fix for the AdSense blank ads issue.

Getting started with Ezoic is a simple three-step process. Here’s what to expect:

adsense blank ads

1. Integrate Your Site

This can be done by three methods that you will encounter right after you register. The easiest and recommended way is to change your nameserver to Ezoic’s.

Another method includes adding HTML code under your header file. But if you are concerned with site’s speed, changing nameserver won’t make the difference.

2. Setup Ad Testing

You need to wrap your existing ads unit with Ezoic’s to let their AI do experiments. You can also create them from scratch. If you are confused about this step, don’t worry. Just read out conclusion section.

3. Turn On Ezoic

On your dashboard, you will be able to see this option. You need to just enable Ezoic on your site using a toggle.

After that, you need to apply for Google’s Ad exchange. This can be done by a simple call-to-action button from the dashboard itself.

That’s it!

Once you register on the platform, let me know by mail. I am in close contact with a manager who will accelerate your approval on the platform. In fact, if you find Ad Testing step a bit troubling, the manager will take care of the same.

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